CODES USED (Click on title for character key)
Code: Work: (all by Jack Kerouac except where noted)
AEThe American Express (by Gregory Corso)
ARThe Argument (by John Clellon Holmes)
AUAtop an Underwood
BBThe Beginning of Bop
BDBook of Dreams
BD2Book of Dreams (expanded edition)
BEBeat Spotlight
BGBeat Generation
BG2Beat Generation (early draft)
BRBefore the Road
BSBig Sur
BTA Billowy Trip in the World
CJCome and Join the Dance (by Joyce Glassman)
DADesolation Angels
DBThe Dharma Bums
DSDoctor Sax
ECExcerpts from Visions of Cody
FNFirst Night of the Tapes
FWAmong the Fantastic Wits ...
GBGood Blonde & Others
GHGet Home Free (by John Clellon Holmes)
GOGo (by John Clellon Holmes)
GWThe Great Western Bus Ride
HCHome at Christmas
HLThe Haunted Life and Other Writings
HNThe Horn (by John Clellon Holmes)
HPAnd the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks (with William Burroughs)
IRIn the Ring
IWI Wish I Were You
IZInterzone (by William Burroughs)
JBJazz of the Beat Generation
JUJunkie (by William Burroughs)
LTLonesome Traveler
LWThe Last Word
MBMemory Babe
MCMaggie Cassidy
MFThe Martin Family
MGThe Mexican Girl
MPThe Mind Parasites (by Colin Wilson)
MSManhattan Sketches
MWMeditation in the Woods
NENova Express (by William Burroughs)
NLNaked Lunch (by William Burroughs)
NSThe Nervous Set (by Jay Landesman)
NTNeal and the Three Stooges
NWThe Night is My Woman
OAMOld Angel Midnight
OBOld Bull in the Bowery
OBGThe Origins of the Beat Generation
OEOrpheus Emerged
OPOzone Park
OROn the Road
PDPull My Daisy
PSPort of Saints (by William Burroughs)
QRQueer (by William Burroughs)
RCThe Recognitions (by William Gaddis)
RDRitual in the Dark (by Colin Wilson)
RFOn the Road to Florida
SBThe Sea is My Brother
SD Some of the Dharma
SHSheeper (by Irving Rosenthal)
SKBook of Sketches
SMThe Soft Machine (by William Burroughs)
SPSatori in Paris
SSThe Secret Swinger (by Alan Harrington)
SUThe Subterraneans
TBTales of Beatnik Glory (by Ed Sanders)
TEThe Ticket That Exploded (by William Burroughs)
TCThe Town and the City
T1On the Road - First Typescript (scroll)
T2On the Road - Second Typescript
UKThe Unknown Kerouac
VCVisions of Cody
VDVanity of Duluoz
VGVisions of Gerard
VLThe Vigilantes (by Alan Ansen)
WWWho Walk in Darkness (by Chandler Brossard)
3EThree Excerpts from Visions of Cody