THE TOWN AND THE CITY (Harcourt Brace, 1950) (Written 1946-1949)
Character name: Real name:
Al William Garver
Anne ?
Jimmy Bannon Charlie Connor
Dotty Beebe ?
Ernest Berlot George Dastou
Ernest Berlot, Jr. George Dastou, Jr.
Mike Bernardi ?
Big Slim William "Big Slim" Holmes Hubbard
Max Bodenheim Maxwell Bodenheim
Julia Browning ?
Harry Campbell Harry Chandler
Tommy Campbell Billy Chandler
Chuck Carruthers ?
Joe Cartier Michael Fournier, Sr.
Pete Cartier Michael Fournier, Sr.
Clint ?
Mary Dennison Joan Burroughs
Will Dennison William S. Burroughs
Dick Donald Wolf
Edmund Manuel Santos
Wilfred Engels Gerhart Eisler
Jake Fitzpatrick John Fitzgerald
Patricia Franklin ?
Buddy Fredericks Seymour Wyse
Gartside ?
Dr. Gatti Dr. Rosenberg
Grimy Gertie ?
Mary Gilhooley Mary Carney
Glory ?
Joe Gould Joe Gould
Paul Hathaway ?
Jack the hoodlum Little Jack Melody
Jay Seymour Wyse
Jeanne Celine Young
Junkey Herbert Huncke
Kenny ?
Wong Lee ?
Cousin Leona Beatrice Kerouac
Leon Levinsky Allen Ginsberg
Mac "Morty" Maxwell
Charley Martin Michael Fournier, Jr. as a boy
Elizabeth Martin Margaret Coffey/ Vickie Russell
Francis Martin William S. Burroughs/ Gerard Kerouac/ Hal Chase/ Jack Kerouac
George Martin Leo Kerouac
Jack Martin Jean-Baptiste Kerouac
Joe Martin Michael Fournier, Jr.
Joseph Martin Edouard Kerouac
Julian Martin Gerard Kerouac
Marguerite Martin Gabrielle Kerouac
Mickey Martin Jack Kerouac, as a boy
Peter Martin Jack Kerouac
Rose Martin Claire Fournier
Ruth Martin Caroline "Nin" Kerouac
Rodney Mason ?
Waldo Meister David Kammerer
Bill Mulligan Charley Gallagher
Danny (D.J.) Mulverhill George J. Apostolos (G.J.)
Alexander Panos Sebastian Sampas
Richman ?
Moose Rocco James De Noia
Scotcho Rouleau Henry Beaulieu
Judie Smith Edie Parker Kerouac
Bobby Stedman ?
Tony ?
Tooey Warner Louie Turner
Lou White ?
Walter Wickham ?
Kenneth Wood Lucien Carr
Zagg Jack Kerouac
Dora Zelnick ?
Louis Zelnick ?
Zouzou Omer Noel

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